Top five research themes (maximum): 

  1. General mathematical cryptology
  2. Cryptanalysis (hash functions, cyber-warfare, malware, applied cryptography)
  3. Quantum cryptography
  4. Secure multi-party computation
  5. Public-key cryptography

(Inter)national opportunities for cyber security research: 
general mathematical cryptology, cryptanalysis (hash functions, cyber-warfare, malware, applied cryptography), secure multi-party computation, quantum cryptography.

Any other comment about the role of Dutch CS research worthwhile mentioning to the international audience: 

  • CWI has a leading international research position in cryptology.
  • Cyber-security Keywords: Number Field Sieve RSA-factorization Project, CS-encryption and hash proof systems, arithmetic secret sharing, chosen-prefix cryptanalysis of MD5 & rogue CA-attack, quantum bounded-storage cryptography, position-based cryptography.


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