3 faculty positions in computer science at VU

March 16, 2018

"We are hiring: Currently, we have three positions in pretty much any field, including security.  As you can read below, in security we are ideally looking for people who are doing something slightly different from what we already doing (systems), and even better something that can link to other groups already at our department. For instance, we would be interested in research in formal verification, security in/with AI, security in BioInformatics, security in Big Data, usability, etc.

We are excited about the possibility of expanding into new security research domains and hope to attract as many strong candidates as possible. 

Should I apply for the assistant/associate professor positions?

Probably! The selection process is entirely open. No candidates have yet been identified a priori. We will simply hire the best researchers in whatever field. So, if we find the top candidates in theoretical computer science or Big Data: great, we will expand there. If we find the top candidate to be in security: we will hire that person. So, if you’re good, you may want to apply.

Having said that, with VUSec, VU Amsterdam has a very strong  (and fun) security group in the area of systems security with 3 faculty members, a bunch of postdocs and many Ph.D. students doing research on all sorts of low-level systems. Candidates for the new positions should therefore ideally have a different profile.

As the department-wide hiring committee consists of people from all fields in computer science,  candidates should ideallly be interesting (provide a good interface) to  the other research in the department:


Obviously, we are looking for researchers with a strong track record. Publications in top venues, successful grant applications, awards: they all help. In addition, this is a university and teaching qualities are also very important.

Interested?  See the official ad for more details about the procedure."


Herbert Bos
Cristiano Giuffrida
Kaveh Razavi