3 UD/postdocs cybersecurity vacancies at OU

April 11, 2017

As a consequence of the growth in education and research in Computer Science at the Open University of the Netherlands we opened three vacancies for UD/postdocs for which a researcher in security can apply. 

Our educational programs are highly appreciated by our students. Our research group is gaining momentum around several focal points with respect to Security. The Open University Security Research group currently consists of Harald Vranken, Hugo Jonker, Greg Alpar, Fabian van den Broek, Bernard van Gastel, Freek Verbeek, Arjan Kok and Marko van Eekelen.

We opened three vacancies for which security researchers can apply:

1: a four year assistant professor in computer science, in view of the growth the position may turn into a structural one. Apply before April 13, 2017 via www.academictransfer.com/38892 and/or contact Marko van Eekelen directly (marko.vaneekelen@ou.nl).

2: a two year assistant professor in computer science, which also may turn into a structural one. Please contact Marko van Eekelen directly(marko.vaneekelen@ou.nl), before April 30, 2017.

3: a two year postdoc position in security, in botnet traffic detection supported by SIDN, Quarantainenet, Solcon and XS4All, located at Heerlen/Nijmegen. Please see below a long description of this vacancy. Please contact Marko van Eekelen and/or Harald Vranken directly(marko.vaneekelen@ou.nl, harald.vranken@ou.nl), before April 30, 2017.

If you are interested please contact us directly or if you know any prospective candidates, could you bring these vacancies to their attention?

Concerning position 3:

We are offering a postdoc-position in  a research project on botnet-detection. The project is funded for a duration of two years by the Open Universiteit and SIDN Labs, and is actively supported by XS4ALL, Solcon and Quarantainenet. The postdoc will be located at the Open Universiteit (Department of Computer Science) in Heerlen and/or the Radboud University (Digital Security group) in Nijmegen in the Netherlands, with regular visits and/or short stays at SIDN, XS4ALL, Solcon and Quarantainenet. We are looking for a postdoc who is knowledgeable in the field of network security and/or machine learning/artificial intelligence.

The  research project addresses the fight against botnets, which are networks of computers infected with malicious software that subsequently can be controlled remotely by cybercriminals to perform malicious activities. Cybercrime due to botnets imposes a major threat with large economical and societal impact. The goal of the project is to research, develop and evaluate automated (prototype) systems that can accurately profile and detect botnets at a national scale by real-time analysis of high-volume streams of real-life network traffic at internet infrastructure providers, such as domain name registries and ISPs. We intend to achieve this in the following ways:

(1) We obtain 'dedicated' profiles of known botnets by applying advanced machine learning techniques (eg deep learning) on monitored network data (particularly DNS-data) at internet infrastructure providers;

(2) We obtain 'generic' profiles (covering both known and unknown botnets) by applying advanced machine learning techniques on the dedicated profiles;

(3) We develop, apply and evaluate a botnet detection system in which the dedicated and generic botnet profiles are used in parallel to detect the presence of botnets in real-life, real-time network data streams at internet infrastructure providers such as domain name registries and ISPs.

Tangible and novel results of the project are: (i) the botnet profiling system (to obtain dedicated and generic botnet profiles), (ii) the botnet detection system (which applies the botnet profiles), (iii) algorithms applied in these systems using machine learning and artificial intelligence, and (iv) insights on how to manage IT governance when integrating and applying these systems into the operational environments of internet infrastructure providers such as domain name registries and ISPs.

For more info, please contact dr.ir. Harald Vranken (++31-(0)45-5762373, harald.vranken@ou.nl).