Privacy Research Challenges Ahead

Early October a delegation of a dozen Dutch scientists met with a dozen of American scientists in Washington D.C. to discuss the privacy research challenges ahead.

The multidisciplinary research teams, with members from an ethical, legal, social and technical background identified several interesting and challenging research areas that will be used as a basis for a joint NWO/NSF call for proposals on privacy research in 2016. In this track several of the participants to the workshop will present their view on these challenges.

13:30 Introduction

13:35 Opening presentations (7.5 min each)

14:05 Panel discussion


14:25 Discussion

14:40 Track wrap-up

14.45 Knowledge market/networktime/tea

Chaired by Jaap Henk Hoepman
Jaap-Henk Hoepman is associate professor at the Digital Security group of the Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands. He is also scientific director of the Privacy & Identity Lab. He studies privacy by design and privacy friendly protocols for identity management and the Internet of Things. He speaks on these topics at national and international congresses and publishes papers in (inter)national journals. He also appears in the media as security expert, and writes about his research in the popular press. He is actively involved in the public debate concerning security and privacy in our society. Jaap-Henk is, among others, co-founder of the Privacy & Identity Lab, member of The Internet of People, former member of the Executive Board of Trust in Digital Life, former chair of the IFIP working group 11.2 on "Pervasive System Security", and former coordinator and co-founder of the Kerckhoffs Institute offering a master programme in Computer Security.