While neighboring countries such as Germany invest tens of millions each year in cyber security research, the Netherlands does not. In the meantime, foreign research centers are pulling hard on the most talented researchers in the Netherlands. Something must be done to prevent a brain drain to surrounding countries. There is a coalition agreement with all kinds of ambitions in the sphere of security and in particular in the field of cyber security. Bottom line: our digital security must be increased!

On behalf of the cyber security research community in the Netherlands, Herbert Bos, Michel van Eeten and Bart Jacobs were sending a clear signal at the end of 2017. They wrote an urgency letter for saving cyber security research and innovation in the Netherlands. This eventually led to a Chamber Motion in Parliament (November 2017) and a Reconnaissance to a cyber security research institute and strengthening the cyber security knowledge and innovation ecosystem. The strengthening of cyber security knowledge development is reflected in numerous policy documents, which are listed here for chronological order for consultation. We have made a distinction for this in the following categories: