Dr. D. (Dick) Brandt

VKA, MKB Cyber Advies, Brandt Advies

With the increasing importance of information technology in our daily life and the evermore pervasive nature of it, ensuring that we can rely on and trust these systems is each day more important

Prof. dr. S. (Sandro) Etalle

Technische Universiteit Eindhoven

Having been one of the writers of the National Cyber Security Research Agenda, one of the core member of the IIP “Veilig Verbonden” and one of the initiators of the first master track in security

Prof. dr. M.J.G. (Michel) van Eeten

Delft University of Technology; Cyber Security Raad

The Netherlands has excellent research and education in the area of cybersecurity, but these activities are still often somewhat fragmented. Dcypher is a great next step in the ongoing process of

Dr. ir. E. (Erik) Poll

Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen

For me as a researcher cybersecurity is an interesting scientific topic, but for us as a society it is a much broader societal challenge. I hope to contribute to getting the research we need and

Prof. dr. Ir. H. (Herbert) Bos

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Dutch cybersecurity research internationally has a big name. In addition, the endless stream of incidents proves how relevant and urgent it is. In dcypher I want to devote myself for excellence in

Ing. P. (Petra) van Schayik

CEO Compumatica

My personal motivation to be part of the dypher advisory board p.o. is that I like to deliver a positive and active input to create a safer digital world. This requires a close collaboration

Dr. W. (Wim) Hafkamp

Chairman dcypher Advisory Board, NCSC

Our society is changing rapidly. Every year, new digital and technology-driven applications come to Market. The Internet is here to stay. This offers tremendous new opportunities. The whole world

Dr. M. (Maarten) Bodlaender

Philips Security Technologies

It's fascinates me how quickly software is becoming the lifeblood of our society. A growing concern is that security technologies and regulations, necessary for a secure-but-open economy, are

Ir. W.M.G. (Raymond) Doijen

Afdelingshoofd Expertise en Advies Nationaal Cyber Security Centrum (Ministerie van Justitie & Veiligheid)

In our digitalized society, the further development of cyber security knowledge and innovation - from a multi-dimensional perspective - is of the utmost importance. Indeed, it is one of the

Prof. dr. W. Ph. (Wouter) Stol

NHL Hogeschool, Politie Academie, Open Universiteit

The ongoing digitization is a great challenge for our society. It takes effort to lead developments in the right direction, not only reactive but also proactive. We need to understand what is

Dr. M. (Marcel) Spruit

Haagse Hogeschool

The cyber world brings cyber threats. Then anticipation starts with a greater focus on cybersecurity education. In addition, research is needed, not only technically but also in terms of people

P. (Pieter) Jansen

CEO Cybersprint

The best ethical hackers in the world still come from the Netherlands. Unfortunately, many of these security specialists leave for other countries. Despite the Netherlands commitment to knowledge

Ir. D.E.O. (Olaf) Streutker

Strategic Advisor, CISO, ABN AMRO

One of the biggest concerns is the continuous availability of security knowledge. By jointly taking on this responsibility we will be more effective in protecting society as a whole. In my role as

Rene Treur

Ministry of Defence J.M. (Paul) Havinga

TNO, Twente University