Advisory Board

The Advisory Council is a reflection of the broad cybersecurity field (PPP). Education, research, business and government are represented in it. The Advisory Council advises (solicited and unsolicited) the Director dcypher and, if necessary (via the director) also the initiators.

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Photo Advisory Board September 2019 (ltr) Marcel Spruit, Pieter Jansen, Dick Brandt, Juul Brouwers, Petra van Schayik, Michel van Eeten, Erik Poll, Sandro Etalle, Maarten Bodlaender, Jan Piet Barthel, Herbert Bos, Wouter Stol, Raymond Doijen, Olaf Streutker, Paul Havinga, Rene Treur en Melanie Lemmen. (Wim Hafkamp and Jaya Baloo are missing on this photo)