Announcement National Cyber ​​Security Education Agenda

March 30, 2020

The first National Cyber Security Education Agenda will be published at the end of April. In the NCSEA, the quantitative and qualitative deficit of people with cyber security knowledge and skills in the Netherlands is put on the agenda. This concerns both cybersecurity experts and professionals  where aspects of cybersecurity are part of the job. A list of interventions in cyber security (higher) education forms the core. The interventions provide an overview of what is currently happening in various 'triple helix' collaborations and what education institutions, private and public parties can do in the coming years to achieve temporary and ultimately structural improvements.

The NCSEA was established in the first quarter of 2020 and can be regarded as fulfilling the agenda-setting task of dcypher with regard to cyber security higher education. In recent years, numerous discussions have been held, initiatives have been taken and ongoing initiatives related to the teaching task have been brought together. Contrary to agenda setting of cyber security research, agenda setting of higher education in cybersecurity has no tradition to build on. In 2018 dcypher published the third edition of the NCSRA.


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