Anti-Surveillance Coat: Protects you and your privacy

November 7, 2016

This metalliferous Anti-Surveillance Coat blocks every in- and outgoing signal. Keeping you safe in an information-driven environment. The Anti-Surveillance Coat protects you and your privacy against the threats of our information-driven environment. This new, ever expanding environment consists of networks and radiowaves. Yet we roam around unprotected with privacy-sensitive data. This unisex coat which makes use of metalliferous fabrics that shields the computerchips in your cards, clothing and car keys; even making your phone untraceable. It blocks every in- and outgoing signal, keeping you and your personal data safe from radiowaves and radiation. We believe in people regaining control over their privacy and data. So when preferred, the black pockets allow you to still be reachable with your device of choice.

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