BCMT Award 2017

New in the cybersecurity session at ICT.OPEN 2017 is the Best Cybersecurity Master Thesis (BCMT) Award. The BCMT Award aims to reward the best Dutch master theses that make a significant academic or practical contribution to the field of cybersecurity. A committee consisting of representatives of several Dutch Universities and companies led by Dr. Nicola Zannone selected two theses out of six theses submitted. These two highly ranked cyber security theses were presented by the master students themselves. Both presenters received a signed certificate, only one of them got the BCMT2017 and that was Resilience of the Domain Name System: A case study for .nl by Lars Bade, RUN 

Lars Bade receives the BCMT Award from Dr. Nicola Zannone (TUe), Dr. Zeki Erkin, chair(r) and Dr.Andreas Peter (l)

The research question is non trivial and has ramifications to security and network design/administration; obtained results are relevant from both scientific and industrial perspectives. The author validates the proposed method by considering 60 failure scenarios; the underlying design decisions are examined and justified in great detail. This thesis resulted from a collaboration with SIDN; this is yet another highlight of this outstanding master work.

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