Briefing information speakers and exhibitors

Briefing information speakers and exhibitors and contributors to the organisation of the NCSRA Symposium 2015

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We presume you already registered for the Symposium. If you did not register yet, add yourself to our waiting list and sent an email to with in the title "not registered yet". We will double check your details and sent you more information a.s.a.p.


Information for speakers

Please download the presentation format we are using for the NCSRA Symposium: PowerPoint format presentations 16:10
If you like to present your presentation on our website shortly after the Symposium, we need to receive presentations no later than 30th October at

Plenary speakers will receive further information through email. Speakers at the parallel tracks will be informed by the track chairs or the track support team members.


Information for Exhibitors

On all our 28 market standing tables we show the information that is delivered recently by the Exhibitors. It has been inserted in a plastic A4 standard. Also we deliver 20 printouts to share with the public. We facilitate a round standing table and a power supply per exhibitor, please bring your own laptop and extension cord (if needed). If you like to bring a banner to put next to the stand "it must fit under your arm". The knowledge market is located on the third floor. We ask you to only bring material that you can carry up via stairs or escalator. The information market is open the whole day but will be central visited in the three network breaks (of 3/4 hour) and during lunch (1 hour). The information market officially opens at 11, but we advise you to come as early as you can to install yourself from 8 o’clock. The exhibitors floorplan is to be found at ncsra-symposium-2015-knowledge-market (soon).

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Delivering goods

If you need to deliver goods please inform us by sending an email to