drs. M.F. (Melanie) Lemmen

Policy Officer cybersecurity higher education (NWO Domain Science)

As a policy officer for cybersecurity higher education, I will contribute to the higher education assignment of dcypher. For the coming period this means, among other things, approaching the

drs. J.P. (Jan Piet) Barthel

Director dcypher (NWO Domain Science)

Optimum cybersecurity is a critical success factor for our social welfare and reaching this is a multidisciplinary challenge.

While writing dcypher’s initial founding plan and policy plan,

drs. J.C.E. (Juul) Brouwers

Communitymanager dcypher (NWO Domain Science)

Bringing together researchers, hackers, teachers, stundents, producers, users and policy makers in the Netherlands to improve knowledge and expertise on cybersecurity, I have a pivotal role in the

K. (Karin) van Es

Sr. Secretary (NWO Domain Science)

I work within NWO for six years now. I am the secretary to two managers including Jan Piet Barthel in his dcypher tasks. I support several events organised by dcypher and NWO.


N.R.T. (Naomi) Messing

Program Officer (NWO Domain Science)

Team member of dcypher. Involved in organizing events and other activities; previous project leader Matchmaking CS 2012 and 2013, main contribution to the NCSRA symposium and organization of other