Call For Papers, ACM IMC 2019, Amsterdam, Netherlands

May 31, 2019

The Internet Measurement Conference (IMC) is a highly selective venue for the presentation of measurement-based research in data communications. The focus of IMC 2019 will be on research that improves the practice of network measurement, illuminates some facet of an operational network, or both. We encourage authors to discuss the implications of their results to future research and/or to operations. We also encourage authors to discuss representativeness and limitations of their work due to coverage of their measurements across space and time.

IMC takes a broad view of contributions that are considered in scope for improving the practice of network measurement, including, but not limited to:

  • collection and analysis of data that yield new insights about network structure and network performance (e.g., traffic, topology, routing, energy utilization)
  • collection and analysis of data that yield new insights about application and end-user behavior (e.g., economics, privacy, security, application interaction with protocols)
  • modeling of network internals and application behavior (e.g., workloads, scaling behavior, assessment of performance bottlenecks)
  • methods and tools to monitor and visualize network-based phenomena
  • novel systems and algorithmic techniques that leverage measurement-based findings
  • advances in data collection, analysis, and storage (e.g., anonymization, querying, sharing)
  • reappraisal of previous empirical findings
  • descriptions of challenges and future directions the measurement community should pursue

Operational networks of interest include:

  • the Internet backbone
  • edge networks (e.g., home networks, cellular networks, WLANs)
  • data center networks and cloud computing infrastructure
  • software-defined networks and network function virtualization
  • peer-to-peer, overlay, and content distribution networks
  • infrastructure for online social networks
  • experimental networks, prototype networks, and future Internetworks
  • large-scale distributed systems and online services

Authors unsure about topical fit are welcome to contact the program committee co-chairs at

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