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Recent advances in digitization have resulted in an increasing number of parties becoming involved in security issues. 'Security and digitization' is, after all, not restricted to cybercrime and thus affects both the police and courts of law. It is also concerned with issues of surveillance and the maintenance of law and order, including online as well as offline public order. Government agencies have to decide which stratgies to adopt in order to deal with such obstacles and issues brought about by digitization.

In the job market, there is a clear demand for graduates with an interdisciplinary profile capable of interpreting developments in digital society and responding to them accordingly. This Master's programmes is designed to meet this demand and prepare students for a career within this field.

In this programme, you will work intensively with university partners in both the private and public sectors, to gain insight into the real life problems that organizations encounter. You will gain practical experience in working in a public context in the field of problems related to digitization. Graduates of the programme will be well equipped to discuss and tackle such problems, whether in academic research or in political or governmental organizations or the business world.

Please be advised, this programme is taught at our Faculty campus in Leeuwarden (not Groningen)

More about Governance & Law in Digital Society.

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