Written by dcypher community members:

  • 28-10-2019 Simple and SUCCESSFUL Solution Against DDoS Attacks. I’ve tested and attested.
    Written by Jair Santanna, first researcher to investigate DDoS attacks at the University of Twente, Assistant Professor, member of Cyber Security Next Generation, and creator of the technical solutions in the DDoS Clearing House, which is the main element of the Dutch Coalition Anti-DDoS Attacks.
  • 28-02-2019 Mastering Machines that Learn
    Alexandru C. Serban, Phd Candidate in the Digital Security group at Radboud University, hosted at Software Improvement Group (SIG) and Joost Visser (photo) Chief Product Officer at SIG and Professor of Large-Scale Software Systems at Radboud University, former member Advisory Board dcypher
  • 27-06-2018 The rise of IoT botnets
    The rise of IoT botnets – why cyber hygiene remains an issue by Karine e Silva, PhD Candidate BotLeg Project/ TILT, TiU

  • 05-04-2018  A proactive and collaborative DDoS mitigation strategy
    A proactive and collaborative DDoS mitigation strategy for the Dutch critical infrastructure  by Cristian Hesselman, Jeroen van der Ham, Roland van Rijswijk, Jair Santanna, Aiko Pras  (SIDN, Arnhem,. Universiteit Twente, Enschede, SURFnet, Utrecht)

  • 19-02-2018 A cyber world of difference
    A cyber world of difference: cyber criminals are not the same as traditional criminals. By: Dr Marleen Weulen Kranenbarg