Competion Challenge the Cyber


The national Capture the Flag competition Challenge the Cyber ​​takes place on Saturday 30 May 2020 at a central location in the Netherlands. There is room for a maximum of 200 participants.

There are two competitions this year: for junior teams (birth year 2000-2006) and for senior teams (birth year 1995-1999). Teams consist of a maximum of 5 participants.

Contrary to what was previously stated on this website, we have loosened the rules for the categories:

1) Teams of which all team members have birth year 2000-2006 participate in the junior category;
2) Teams of which all team members have birth year 1995-2006 (teams with juniors and seniors, or only seniors), participate in the senior category;
3) Teams that have one or more team members with birth year 1990-1994 participate in the outside category.

Only members of teams under 1) and 2) can qualify for the talent class. NB: judging by the age composition in 2019, the junior category may be less heavily occupied. Juniors who play in this category are more likely to win a place in the talent class.

No team? Individual registration is also possible: the organization will then put together a team.

Older than 25? Challenge the Cyber ​​is primarily aimed at young talent, who can qualify for the talent class. For those born between 1990 and1994, there is a possibility to participate in an outside category.

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