Cyber Insurance and Its contribution to Cyber Risk Mitigation


The Lorentz center is holding a workshop on Cyber Insurance and Its contribution to Cyber Risk Mitigation in Leiden March 25-29, 2019, in connection with the EU H2020 CYBECO project  Key objectives to be explored within the workshop are to:

  • critically assess current theories and prospects on cyber risk and cyber insurance;
  • study how they can contribute to the understanding of conditions under which cyber insurance can be used efficiently for cyber security risk management;
  • identify how they can be improved;
  • identify a research agenda to promote improvements in cyber security and cyber insurance;
  • help in building an interdisciplinary community of researchers and practitioners in cyber insurance.

Within the workshop, there will be an open-day (Wednesday March 27th 9:00-17:45) with two keynote presentations on cyber insurance, a brief introduction to the CYBECO results and toolbox and several roundtables around the workshop themes. We expect a very lively and open atmosphere with practitioners, policy makers and researchers interested in cyber insurance, cyber security, cyber re-insurance and cyber risk management, from an interdisciplinary perspective, that will help us in fulfilling our workshop mission.

The detailed program is available online.

Should you be willing to participate, please register through

The registration deadline is March 1st, 2019.