Cybersecurity higher education

June 3, 2019

At the end of May 2019 an article is published in the Platform for Information Security (PvIB) magazine about the inventory of cyber security courses in higher education in 2018. The inventory concerns 20 courses at university colleges and universities, 5 of which are bachelor's / master's degrees for cyber security professionals. Thirteen study programs are aimed at Engineering, one study program focuses primarily on Organization and one study program has the focus on the Human Factor. Five courses offer a mix of technology, the human factor and/or Organization. In 2018, nearly 400 students completed their cyber security education with a diploma (165 masters, 229 bachelors). The majority of these (307 students) completed a technical cyber security course (130 master's degree, 177 bachelor's degree). More than half of the institutes indicate that finding good teachers is a problem/not easy. 

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