CyberSecurity Workshops at Second Edition Digital Society Conference

November 13, 2019

Two Workshops CyberSecurity are organises at the Second Edition of the Digital Society Conference:

Co-creation on instruments to correct market failures in cyber security
Workshop leader: Bernold Nieuwesteeg (Erasmus / VU)

The workshop aims at providing insights and possibilities for collaboration related to instruments to correct market failures such as openness of the EU data breach notification, ISP benchmarking and cyber security warranties. We aim to generate ideas to analyze whether and in which circumstance these instruments work.

This workshop starts with a brief presentation on the two main market failures in cyber security, being information asymmetry and externalities, that hamper the determination a socially optimal level for reasonable security. We briefly discuss various instruments (which are researched in DiSa) to correct these market failures. Hereafter, the attendants have the possibility to provide input on the various instruments on various subquestions, such as research design, data necessary and possibly stakeholders. We display the various instruments and ask participants (by means of post-its on posters displaying the ideas) for suggestions for application, data or joint work. Also, the attendants can provide suggestions for new instruments that are suitable for joint research in the context of DiSa.


Cybersecurity and use of connected medical devices - Health Internet of Things (IoT)
Workshop leaders: Kate Labunets (Delft), Anouk Vermeij (Tilburg) en Mieke Schulte (VU)

The number of smart devices connected to the Internet is growing in healthcare organisations. We mean such devices like pacemakers, insulin pumps, wearables and other at-home medical devices that increase the quality of healthcare by allowing doctors to monitor their patients remotely and adjust the function of the medical device if necessary. Besides smart features, they also come with a byproduct - new threat vectors in the cybersecurity landscape of the organisations and their patients. In this workshop, we propose to investigate the viewpoints of patients, healthcare workers and cybersecurity professionals on the use of smart medical devices in the current practice. How do they perceive the level of risk to people's lives and the quality of healthcare services that connected medical devices could introduce? Do they trust these devices? What data are collected and how it is protected from privacy and cybersecurity perspectives?

The format of the workshop is a panel discussion with the main stakeholders guided by a cybersecurity researcher. The discussion is open for questions from the audience.


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