drs. J.P. (Jan Piet) Barthel

Director dcypher (NWO Domain Science)

Jan Piet Barthel

Optimum cybersecurity is a critical success factor for our social welfare and reaching this is a multidisciplinary challenge.

While writing dcypher’s initial founding plan and policy plan, it became more and more clear this new platform has to function as a bridge and flywheel. Many discussions and consultations with representatives from the broad cyber security field have reinforced this. What I mean is building bridges and making connections between universities, colleges, researchers and entrepreneurs, policy makers and developers, educators and companies seeking to fill in positions, teachers and students, researchers from different scientific disciplines, communities inside and outside the Netherlands, knowledge and innovation, etcetera.

Contributing to this, as director dcypher, is a privilege. Steering from initiators, getting expert advice from a knowledgeable public-private advisory board, and excellent teamwork in project execution, are all ingredients in achieving dcypher’s mission.

Contact: j.barthel@dcypher.nl