Dutch Cyber Security Research Award at ICT.OPEN 2016

December 4, 2015

As well-known partner stimulating co-operation in the area of ICT research in security and privacy, the Dutch ICT Innovation Platform Security and Privacy (IIPVV) decided in 2015 that ICT.OPEN would be a good opportunity to introduce a new prize and to reward the best recent non-commercial scientific cyber security research paper: the Dutch Cyber Security Research Award (DCSRA).

Click here for more details about the DCSRA contest at ICT.OPEN in 2015

In the last 20 years, the Dutch information security community grew from a handful of brilliant mathematicians to a large community of Cyber Security researchers with representatives from many of the technical and the social sciences. The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) and the European Commission have provided over a hundred million Euros of funding in long term Dutch Cyber Security Research. This has led to dozens of new businesses, hundreds of highly skilled employees in all major corporations, government departments and universities, and thousands of scientific publications and patents.

This year the organization committee is headed by dr. L. (Lejla) Batina. The board of the IIPVV suggested well-respected international members in the scientific field for the Jury. Dutch cyber security research group leaders are asked to send in a maximum of two papers per research group before January 19th 2016 to NWO. In the period January 19th - February 27th 2016 the jury selects out of all nominated papers the top five. The 2nd of March NWO will inform the selected nominees. They then are expected to attend  ICT.OPEN 2016 in the afternoon of the March 22nd to present their paper.

All presenters receive a signed Certificate for the Dutch Cyber Security Research Award. Being selected in the top five and having received this award, gives a good reason for the researchers involved to mention this honour on their Curriculum Vitae. Other than a certificate of course, there will be a photo-moment and some press attention. The jury not only determines the top five, but also selects the very best out of these set of papers. The winner receives the Dutch Cyber Security Research Award.


ICT.OPEN is the principal ICT research conference in the Netherlands. It features two distinguished plenary key notes and invited speakers, as well as many oral and poster presentations. The state of art in ICT research is presented and discussed here. The event is jointly organized by NWO Physical Sciences (NWO-EW) and Technology Foundation (STW) under the auspices of ICT Platform Netherlands (IPN). More information: www.ictopen.nl  


The Dutch ICT Innovation Platform Security and Privacy (IIPVV) unites researchers from industry and academia, users as well as representatives from government in the Netherlands in the area of ICT security and privacy.