The Dutch platform IIP-VV initiates a GCCS Side event

April 8, 2015

Side Event: Public-Private Cooperation in Cybersecurity Research Strategy Development across the Globe, GCCS 2015, April 17th 2015, 9.00-10.45 a.m., World Forum, Rooms Everest 1 and 2, The Hague.

The main goal of this session is to understand how international cooperation effectively may enhance national cybersecurity RD&I strategies and improve global cybersecurity. Given the global dimension of cybersecurity, the challenges we face require cooperation among states and the private sector at a national and international level.

We are interested in the vision of policymakers and strategists, familiar with cybersecurity research and innovation policy in their country or continent and learn about the development and realisation of cybersecurity research agendas, to what extend public private partnerships (PPP) are playing a role in this process and address and compare research policies for cybersecurity RD&I. Some countries have national cybersecurity strategies, national research agendas, R&D programs by security ministries, others have research council funded cybersecurity programs. 

In this session we expect to exchange lessons learned, explore possibilities for cooperation and share knowledge of cybersecurity research policies & strategies. A better understanding of the global perspectives, thanks to international participation and sharing of insights during this session, may have positive effects on national plans and approaches and will ultimately contribute to a more secure cyber environment.

Views and cases from different countries and continents will be shared and discussed.

We have send out special invitations but GCCS audience is welcome too. 

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The Side event is organised by the Dutch platform IIP-VV in cooperation with The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (