Dutch Research endeavours in Cyber Security

Fundamental to strengthening and sustaining data and information security is an ecosystem of public partners, private partners, education and research scientists to address the current and future needs of our society.

The National Cyber Security Research Agenda (NCSRA) has provided the opportunity for these parties to actively cooperate in identifying and addressing these current and future needs. NWO has actively supported the NCSRA since 2012, and participated in the execution of the action lines of the NCSRA by setting up and executing thematic Cyber Security research calls in 2012 and 2014, in which scientists and public and private partners got the opportunity to address the long term challenges that need to be met in order to provide a safer information society in the future. Up till now, NWO has invested € 6,5 million in funding long term research projects, funding a total of 20 long term research projects.

In this track, six of these projects will be presented, covering a broad spectrum of research aims and goals. From metrics for measuring the security reputation of ISPs, user-centric security and privacy policies and physical attacks on smartcard systems, too support for users to manage security and privacy risks in apps and security of SCADA systems such as the floodgates, and the development of attribute-based credentials for mobile devices.

The presentations will address the motivation for their research, as well as the aims, the first results and the practical impact on society.

11:15  Welcome  
           Dr. Dick Brandt, chair IIPVV
11:20  Reputation Metrics: Design to Improve Intermediary Incentives for Security
           Prof. dr. Michel van Eeten, TUD
11:35  Privacy Compliance and Enforcement
           Mahdi Alizadeh, TU/e
11:50  Profiling for Optical Fault Induction using Location-dependent leakage
           Drs. Kostas Papagiannopoulos, RU
12:05  Security Requirements for Serious apps
           Inés Carvajal Gallardo, UT
12:10  The Power of Attributed-based Authentication
           MSc Wouter Lueks, RU
12:15  Secure Our Safety: Building Cyber Security for Flood Management
           Prof. dr. Pieter van Gelder, TUD
12:20  Track wrap-up
           Dr. Dick Brandt, chair IIPVV

12.30 Knowledge market/networktime/lunch

Session prepared by Herbert Bos

Herbert Bos is full professor at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (or 'VU University' as it is supposed to be called in English, nowadays). Professor Bos moved here after approximately four years at the Universiteit Leiden. Before that he obtained his Ph.D. from the Cambridge University Computer Laboratory, followed by a (very) brief stint at KPN Research (now TNO Telecom). At the VU Bos is heading a group of people working mostly on System Security (e.g., the Argos, Minemu, and Rosetta projects) and OS design for networking (e.g., the Streamline/FFPF project). In addition, Bos is involved in the development of the Minix3 Operating System. The work on the Open Kernel Environment (OKE) has now ceased.