The first step in the education task of dcypher concerns the mapping of educational activities for cybersecurity in higher education in the Netherlands. The purpose of the inventory is to identify those educational activities for cybersecurity that are relevant for graduates in order to be able to make a good start with substantial knowledge and skills of cybersecurity in the labor market as a cybersecurity professional with a title recognized by the Dutch government Master (MSc) and Bachelor (BSc). The inventory is aimed:

  • to give a picture to future students, educational institutions, employers and professionals working in practice on differences and similarities between the programs and
  • to contribute to training more people for the labor market for professionals, researchers and teachers.

Click here for background information about the mapping.

For some years dcypher has been organizing the National Cyber ​​Security Summer School, NCS3.

Photo is made during the opening NCS3 2017 by Sjoerd van der Hucht.