Encryption call meeting


As requested by the Ministry of Justice and Security, NWO develops a call for proposals on Encryption in an open source context. Specifically, the Ministry asked NWO to enable:

  1. The creation of a professorship 'open source implementation of cryptography'
  2. A limited number of research projects on encryption.

Most likely, the call will request that each proposal covers both activities in coherence.

Value of the call is € 385.000,-

Characteristics of the meeting

The 'Encryption call meeting' has the characteristics of information sharing, consultation and matchmaking. Our plan is to: 

  • inform you of the call, its imposed boundary conditions,
  • to discuss your recommendations regarding some of the call features, like the definition and division of work, and
  • to stimulate matchmaking between those of you who will participate.

Prof. Herbert Bos will chair this meeting as Chair of the IPN Special Interest Group Cyber Security.

Our objective is to finish the call text shortly after the meeting based on your input collected during the meeting. We strive, also given the limited amount of money involved, for a lightweight but fair procedure.

To register for the meeting please send an e-mail to CyberSecurity@nwo.nl.