EU Phishing initiative (EU-PI)

Most email user are today familiar with the phishing threat. Public awareness indeed continues to increase slowly, but too many people still are tricked every day into revealing their confidential information on fraudulent web pages. A number of brand owners and public authorities throughout the world are trying to disrupt this booming, technically easy and low-risk criminal activity. But blacklists of fraudulent phishing URLs have often quality issues and focus mostly on English-speaking countries and users.

EU Phishing initiative (EU-PI)

EU PIis a EU-funded pilot project to provide an online reporting platform available in France, Luxembourg and Netherlands that will help identify new cases and trends, but also help block attacks quickly in most recent Web browsers . Our workshop will help you understand what the Dutch and European authorities along with the researchers from the private sector are doing against phishing, the various issues we face and the opportunities ahead to impact this kind of cybercrime. Join Europol, the National CERT of Luxembourg, University of Twente or Fox-IT experts to learn the latest tactics or responses, and what you can do to fight phishing as a citizen, an organisation, a civil servant or an information security researcher.

11.15   Welcome

11.20   EC3 in action: fighting cybercrime from the LE side of the fence
            Jean-Dominique Nollet, Head of Forensic Lab, Europol-EC3

11.35   Anti-cybercrime research projects in Luxembourg and Europe
            Alexandre Dulaunoy, Senior Security Researcher at CIRCL (Luxembourg)

11.50   Fraudhelpdesk + APATE, a phishing analysis system made in NL
            John Kellij, Manager Elmer Lastdrager, PhD University of Twente.

12.05    Overview of phishing attacks aga inst NL 
            Pim Volkers, VP Fox-IT

12. 20  EU-PI in NL: say no to phishing!
            Vincent Hinderer, Project leader and cybercrime expert, Lexsi (France)

12.30 Knowledge market/networktime/lunch

Chaired by Jean-Dominique Nollet
Jean-Dominique Nollet, heads the Forensic Laboratory team at Europol CyberCrime Center (Europol EC3) since 2012. He is also advising the International Criminal Court and the European Commission on security issues. He joined Europol in 2007, where he has been chasing terrorist and organized crime groups. He worked previously for the French Law Enforcement (Gendarmerie Nationale) for 10 years. He also served in the army during 5 years, and regularly speak to various audiences from criminal, IT or even finance-oriented conferences


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