The dutch cybersecurity platform for higher education and research is founded by the Dutch Ministries of Justice & Security, Economic Affairs & Climate Policy and Education Culture & Science and the Dutch Research Council (NWO). The interdepartmental consultation group directors dcypher (Idod) sets the strategic direction of dcypher and monitors the execution of the mission, and the adequate execution of the granting decision. The Policy Group (Bidod) establishes the main themes of activity plans, allocates staff to the platform whenever needed and possible and provides advice to Idod.


Photo (2016) Idod (ltr) Arian Steenbruggen (NWO Science), Feite Hofman (OCW), Patricia Zorko (J&V), Oscar Delnooz (EA&CP) made by Sjoerd van der Hucht.

Since October 2018 also the ministery of Defence is actively participating in dcypher

The Idod currently consists of Patricia Zorko (Ministry of Justice and Security ), Jos de Groot (Ministry of Economic Affairs & Climate Policy), Arian Steenbruggen (NWO Science), Oscar Delnooz (Ministry of Education, Culture and Science) and Wilfried Rietdijk (Ministry of Defense).