Funded projects resulting from the third NWO National Cybersecurity Call

December 3, 2019

With the Call Cyber Security - Digital Security & Privacy,  NWO wants to facilitate the need for research collaboration across the entire cyber security chain. The call is a joint initiative of NWO Science and NWO Social Sciences and Humanities, as well as the Task Force for Applied Research (NPRO- SIA). It offers the possibility to realise fundamental and practice-oriented research in a single project and to produce results that contribute to the knowledge base within cyber security, which can also be used by the public and private partners within the projects in the relatively short term.

Funded projects resulting from the third NWO National Cybersecurity Call are:

  • Dr. L. Allodi (TU/e), SeReNity - Evidence-Based Security Response ceNters
  • Dr. ing. C. Hernandez Ganan (TUD), RAPID - Remediation of comPromised IoT Devices
  • Prof. dr. J.L. Hurink (UT),  ISoLATE - Integrated distributed SCADA security through local approximations of power flow equations
  • Prof. dr. B.P.F. Jacobs (RUN),  E4A - Encryption for all
  • Dr. A. Peter (UT), SHARE - Sharing data with cryptograpHic and differentiAlly pRivate guarantEes
  • Dr. S.P. Picek (TUD), DISTANT - Defending against Implementation attackS Through mAchiNe learning Techniques
  • Prof. dr. P.W.H. Pinkse (UT), SMOKE - Single-Mode Optical physical unclonable Keys
  • Prof. dr. Ir. A. Pras (UT), UPIN - User-driven Path Verification and Control for Inter-domain Networks
  • Dr. B. Skoric (TU/e), FORWARDT - FORensic WAtermarking with Robust Dynamic Tracing
  • Dr. A. Sperotto (UT),  MASCOT - MeAsuring Security in Cloud OuTsourcing

Prof. dr. Stan Gielen, President Executive Board of NWO (Dutch Research Council) announced which ten projects receive funding from the third national round of the NWO program Cyber ​​Security - Digital Security & Privacy at the second dcypher Symposium, 3 December in Media Plaza, Utrecht.

Stan Gielen