General information

Many thanks for your contribution to our first dcypher Symposium.


Most of you are already registered for the Symposium. If you did not register yet, you can sent an email to with in the title "not registered yet". 

Location information and routedescription Mediaplaza

Garded Wardrobe

There is a garded wardrobe on the enteresol below Mediaplaza.

Tickets are scanned at the entrance
Bring your ticket with the QR code on paper or show the QR code on your phone. The ticket will be scanned and you will be checked in at the entrance of MediaPlaza. After this you receive your badge.

WIFI at location

  • id: dcypher symposium ww: @dc25ph5r!
  • Twitter
  • #dSymp (#dSympYT only for the Young Talent Career Fair)


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