The Human Factor Applied

dcypher Symposium 2019 connecting cybersecurity knowledge – enterprises - policies

Time: 13:45 - 15.00
Room: Flash (80)
Language: Dutch
Chaired by dr. Rutger Leukfeldt 

Session Summary
The session “The Human Factor Applied” addressed the topic from an interesting mix of viewpoints: applied science, entrepreneurship and public-private partnerships. Important messages where the facts that, to this day, many entrepreneurs underestimate the risks that their (non) behaviour poses, that policy makers still do not address this topic enough, and that public-private partnerships are an interesting route to tackle issues regarding The Human Factor effectively. An interesting finding also was that awareness and entrepreneurship can actually stand in each other’s way, the prior potentially causing a lack of trust in the latter, even though the entrepreneurial intentions can be good.

Presentations and discussion


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This session is organised in close cooperation the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RvO)