Hydra in Cyberia, blessing or threat?

A view on cybersecurity curricula of Dutch (general and technical) universities

13:30 – 14:45

The cyber domain is a complex and multi-facetted field. Dutch academics cover a whole spectrum of subjects ranging from cryptography to systems security to ICT-based crime science, to name but just a few. But are we covering the whole field in sufficient balance?

Cyber is no longer only about security, but has also a tremendous social and economic impact. Knowledge, people, and vision are needed. How do we make sure that we get, and keep getting, the right people, research, and education needed in an ever-changing digital world?

13:30 Welcome

13:30 Technical approach Boris Skoric (TU/e): the TRU/e master in cybersecurity: https://true-security.nl/
13:45 Multidisciplinary approach Pieter Hartel (UTwente): the 3TU cybersecurity master: www.3tu.nl/cybsec/en
14:00 Independent approach  Jaap van Ginkel (UvA/VU): Master Education SNE/OS3: www.os3.nl
14:15 Human Capital Agenda ICT-innovatie  Louis Spaninks (CA-ICT)
14:30 Panel Discussion

14:45 Knowledge market/networktime/tea

Chaired by Maarten van Steen
Photo delivered Maarten van Steen is full professor at the University of Twente, heading the university's ICT Research Institute (CTIT). He is also chair of the ICT-Research Platform Netherlands (IPN). He has a background in applied mathematics and computer science. His research concentrates on large-scale (wireless) distributed systems.