iPoort: National Cyber ​​Security Education Agenda

On Thursday, June 18, the National Cyber Security Education Agenda (NCSEA) was virtually presented to Kathalijne Buitenweg, chairman of the Temporary Digital Future Committee of the House of Representatives in the debate "Digital power in Education". In addition to the importance of directing cybersecurity in higher education, attention was also paid to the need for well-trained personnel in the Dutch data center sector and the creativity to find the right people for this. The role of Dutch libraries in improving the digital skills of all Dutch citizens was also discussed.

Kathalijne ontvangt NCSEA

Kathalijne Buitenweg shows the agenda offered by Jan Piet Barthel, at the table iPoort chairman Frits Bussemaker.

National Cyber ​​Security Education Agenda
Jan Piet Barthel director of dcypher presented the National Cyber ​​Security Education Agenda (NCSEA). The required number of trained people who can address the security aspects adequately and efficiently is lagging far behind, both in technical and social sciences and humanities, in numbers and in knowledge levels. The gap on the labor market between the demand for and the supply of cybersecurity expertise is the direct reason for publishing this education agenda. The core of the NCSEA consists of a list of interventions in cyber security (higher) education. The interventions provide an overview of what is currently happening in various 'triple helix' collaborations and what education, private and public parties can do in the coming years to achieve temporary and ultimately structural improvements. In order to promote cohesion and cooperation and to prevent fragmentation, it is recommended that the interventions be carried out under central independent direction.

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