Jurymembers DCSRP Award 2020 known

November 4, 2019

Part of the ICT.OPEN2020 cybersecurity program on March 18th 2020 is the announcement of the winner of the Dutch Cyber Security best Research Paper Award competition.  Again this year an international jury is prepared to select three outstanding papers out of all submitted Dutch recent non-commercial scientific cybersecurity research papers. 

The Jury members for the DCSRP Award in 2020 are Prof. Anja Lehmann, Dr. Martina Lindorfer and Prof. Davide Balzarotti. The Jury meets under technical chairmanship of drs. Jan Piet Barthel. The top three selected papers are presented at ICT.OPEN by their main authors. They will recieve a personalized certificate. The Jury determines which paper deserves the Best Paper predicate and after the papers presentations, the Award winner of 2020 is announced. The winner receives the Dutch Cyber Security Research Paper Award, handed over by drs. Jan Piet Barthel and in addition a sponsored bonus cheque. 

Cybersecurity research papers should be submitted by security research group leaders or members of Dutch Knowledge Institutions before 17th of January 2020.

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