Launch of a new research agenda for a safer society

June 5, 2018

Cyberattacks or disruptions on the cyber domain occur regularly. Sometimes vital sectors are target, such as banking, energy or transport. The attacks can therefore have a considerable impact on society. Cybersecurity is logically part of our national security. This requires that our knowledge remains up-to-date and that we anticipate possible new developments and threats. On June 5, dcypher launched the 3rd edition of the National Cyber Security Research Agenda (NCSRA III).

The NCSRA III describes cybersecurity research challenges around five pillars, which together support cybersecurity research and development in the Netherlands. These pillars are: Design, Defense, Attacks, Governance and Privacy. Previous agendas were more disciplinary in design. With the now chosen division into pillars, scientific disciplines come together. They provide direction to the research and enable interdisciplinary collaboration. For example, each pillar requires contributions from computer science, technology, social sciences and the humanities. The goal is to contribute to the cybersecurity of various top sectors and NWA routes with the implementation of a single national cybersecurity research agenda. Hence the motto of the meeting on 5 June: "launch of a new research agenda for a safer society"

New broad national call cybersecurity

A few hours prior to the public presentation on 5 June, the first copy of the NCSRA III was presented to Mark Bressers director ICT policy, Ministy Economic Affairs & Climate Policy by the Director of dcypher and on behalf of the editorial team. During the public presentation, the NCSRA III was received by Patricia Zorko (Ministry of Justice & Security), Stan Gielen (NWO) and Henk-Jan Vink (TNO), each interested party in the implementation of this agenda. After receiving them, they were briefly given the opportunity to respond. In his response NWO president of the Executive Board Stan Gielen indicated that the NCSRA IIIwill be the framework for cybersecurity research programming in the coming years. NWO has also committed itself to setting up a broad national cybersecurity call through the Knowledge and Innovation Contract ICT 2018 - 2019. This call is currently being developed by NWO in collaboration with dcypher, the Top Sector ICT and the Top Sector Creative Industry. With this call NWO wants to meet the need to facilitate broad (interdisciplinary) research collaboration in the field of cyber security. In addition, NWO, together with various ministries, is investigating the possibility to contribute to cybersecurity knowledge development through the NWA.

Establishment NCSRA III

The final editing team of the NCSRA III consisted of: Herbert Bos (VU), Michel van Eeten (TUD), Sandro Etalle (TU / e), Frank Fransen (TNO), Jaap-Henk Hoepman (RUN), Erik Poll (RUN) and Jan Piet Barthel (dcypher, NWO). Many have provided text contributions and comments from various disciplines and positions in the knowledge and innovation chain. This was done during the well-attended field consultation on 12 April, and through conversations with representatives of (economic) top sectors and NWA routes for which cybersecurity (research) is relevant. On 23 April, the dcypher Advisory Council approved the text and on 31 May the Cyber Security Council endorsed the agenda.

Writers NCSRA III and Mark Bressers, min EZK

ltr Frank Franssen, Michel van Eeten, Luca Allodi, Herbert Bos, Mark Bressers en Jan Piet Barthel

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