Learning by Hacking

dcypher Symposium 2019 connecting cybersecurity knowledge – enterprises - policies

Time: 13:45 - 15.00
Room: Glow (80)
Language: Dutch
Chaired by Chris van 't Hof

Session Summary
The main conclusion of the track ‘learning by hacking’ was that CTF challenges are a way forward in the development of cybersecurity skills. Challenges are an excellent way to unite theory and practice, for both technical and social skills. Furthermore, the hacker mindset is not a personal trait, but a skill set that can be developed. In fact, students need to develop skills like creativity, complex problem solving and team work to thrive in the 21st century.

Session Announcement

Cybersecurity challenges as a way forward in cybersecurity skills development from the perspective of 

They will give a short presentation about their findings and views, followed by a panel discussion lead by Chris van 't Hof. As a first time contender in the European Cyber Security Challenge, we are investigating the value of hacking contests as a means to develop cybersecurity skills. With the ECSC curriculum as focal point, we want to stimulate students and educators to develop the skills necessary to qualify for the national and European competition. In the mean time, we are also trying to form a community that will engage a broader group of potential participants. In this track we would like to exchange ideas, share views and find support and involvement with stakeholders. 

This track will be in Dutch and is targeted at all those involved in adressing the qualitative and quantitative cybersecurity skills shortage in The Netherlands, both from the supply and demand side of the market.