Letter of Intent CISPA-dcypher signed in presence of the Royal Couple

October 16, 2018

On 11 October, Professor Michael Backes, Director of CISPA, and Jan Piet Barthel, director of dcypher, signed a letter of intent on the basis of which plans are being developed for cooperation between Dutch cybersecurity researchers and their CISPA colleagues.

The signing took place at the University of Saarbrücken, watched by King Willem Alexander, Queen Máxima and Tobias Hans, the Minister of the State of Saarland. 

The signing ceremony, during which also two Memoranda of Understanding in the area of Smart Industry (Industry 4.0) were signed, took place within the framework of an economic mission to Rhineland Palatinate and Saarland.
CISPA and dcypher want to get to know each other better and will appoint relevant topics for joint research. Possible future joint projects will be an elaboration of one or more pillars from the latest edition of the Dutch National Cyber Security Research Agenda (NCSRA). 

The CISPA - Helmholtz-Center has recently been established. CISPA stands for Center for IT Security, Privacy and Accountability, and has the ambition to grow into a cybersecurity research institute with more than 500 researchers.

Both CISPA researchers and researchers united in dcypher are aware of the many urgent research challenges in the area of cybersecurity and privacy, which our society faces in this age of digitization.
dcypher%20cispa%20dts.pngThe CISPA-dcypher LoI has been signed!