Mobile IDM

Project leader: prof. dr. Sandro Etalle, TUe (1 January 2010 till 1 December 2014)

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The main question within the MobileIDM project is: How can you use your mobile phone as a reliable personal assistant in the monitoring of your mobile identity? Identity theft is a rapidly growing form of cyber criminality. Now that people are making more and more use of mobile equipment such as mobile phones, tablets and RFIDs for access to services, the consequences of identity theft are becoming increasingly greater. Within this project solutions for giving the user control over his mobile identity are being worked on. The mobile equipment must function as a bouncer who allows in guests the user wants and keeps unwanted guests outside.

Project results

During the first few years a new cryptographic protocol was worked on that can selectively transmit a portion of certain information to a chosen receiver. Although the protocol is written for RFID systems, it can also be interesting for other applications. Further a theoretical analysis was made of the formal requirements that must be posed for an identity management system in order to safeguard the user’s privacy.

Follow-up activities
Results from the project were applied in the `Secure and privacy-aware mobile identity management’ valorisation project sponsored by ICT EIT labs. Results from this project have also been applied in the recently started IRMA project that intends to make ‘attribute-based credentials’ on smart cards more practically applicable.

Universities and partners involved

  •     Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
  •     Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen
  •     Ericsson
  •     Novay
  •     TNO ICT