More than 6 million euros for cyber security research

November 12, 2013

Government and NWO invest more than 6 million euros in cyber security research. The ministries of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, Defence, Economic Affairs, Finance, Infrastructure & Environment, and Security & Justice (coordinated by the Ministry of Economic Affairs) and the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (led by NWO Physical Sciences) have jointly made a sum of 6.4 million euros available for a second cyber security funding round.

Economic priority area policy
Within the framework of the economic priority area policy and in particular the Roadmap ICT, the governing board of NWO and the NWO units Physical Sciences (EW), Social Sciences (MaGW) and Technology Foundation STW have pledged to contribute a total of 3.5 million euros. The aforementioned ministries will contribute a further 2.9 million euros. NWO Physical Sciences and NL Agency will jointly be responsible for realising the call.

Second round
The second funding round for cyber security research supports the National Cyber Security Strategy (NCSS2). This round supports both short-term and long-term research and the creation of a knowledge infrastructure between scientists, industry and government. It must ensure new knowledge, innovation, products, services and well-trained experts in this area. The research will therefore contribute to the realisation of the following objectives:

  • Increasing the security of and confidence in ICT infrastructure and services
  • Preparing the Netherlands for the security challenges (2014-2016)
  • Boosting the Dutch cyber security economy
  • Increasing the cyber security of our vital sectors (energy, water, etc.)
  • Strengthening and expanding knowledge and innovation in the area of cyber security
  • Realising connections between research initiatives in the area of cyber security
  • Two routes

In the first round of cyber security research that started in 2012, nine long-term research projects and eight SBIR projects contributed to the realisation of the strategy. In this second cyber security research funding round two routes are also available. The long-term research through the NWO funding instruments requires an own contribution from the applicants (knowledge institutions, industry and/or public organisations). Further information about the programme and the conditions can be found on NWO's website. For the short-term research, via NL Agency's SBIR funding instrument, entrepreneurs are challenged to come up with original inventive solutions with a clear focus on research initiatives and the involvement of education and/or knowledge institutions. Further information about the programme, the submission procedures and conditions can be found on the website of NL Agency.

Matchmaking Event Cyber Security
On 19 November a Matchmaking Event Cyber Security will be held for public organisations, industry and knowledge institutions to explore the possibilities for partnership. This will take place at the Kyocera stadium in The Hague. The aim of the meeting is to realise well-prepared joint research proposals.

Shared interest
The basis for this funding round was laid in the National Cyber Security Research Agenda (NCSRA-II). The agenda was compiled by the ICT Innovation Platform Security & Privacy ‘Veilig Verbonden’ (IIP-VV). The cyber security research fits perfectly within the Dutch government's strategy. The realisation of the NCSRA-II gives concrete form to the fifth objective of NCSS2: “The Netherlands has sufficient cyber security knowledge and expertise and invests in ICT innovation to realise our cyber security objectives.” NCSRA-II also acts as a roadmap for a number of economic priority areas and ties in well with European initiatives in this context.

Further information
For further information please contact:
Jan Piet Barthel, Coordinator Cyber Security NWO
Mariska Warnars, Coordinator, SBIR Cyber Security AgNL