Privacy Friendly Identity Management

connects cybersecurity knowledge

NCSRA-III objectives:  1 , 
Time: 11:15 – 12:30
Room: Solar
Language: Dutch
Chaired by Prof.dr. Valerie Frissen


  • Verifying your passport with your phone
    Dr. Maarten Wegdam, Innovalor
    Identity theft in the online and offline world is a big problem. Often organizations use the infamous ‘kopietje paspoort’ which provides very little assurance on your identity, allows for easy identity theft and shares all identity attributes on the identity document contrary to only those that are relevant. Leveraging the RFID chip in your passport in combination with your NFC capable smartphone can help here: use your phone to verify the authenticity of your passport. In the presentation will be explained how the police and banks are doing this and which lessons are learned.
  • Attribute based Authentication and Signatures
    Prof.dr. Bart Jacobs, Radboud University
    This talk will describe the recent activities of the Privacy by Design foundation
    to roll out the attributed-based IRMA technology.
  • Netaidkit 
    Menso Heus, Free Press Unlimited
    The NetAidKit is a USB-powered router that connects to your wired or wireless network and helps you increase your privacy and beat online censorship for all your devices. Developed initially for journalists and activists in the field, the project is completely open source and available to use by anyone. 


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