Cyberworkforce development National

connects cybersecurity knowledge

Cyber capacity building 
Time: 13:30 – 14:45
Room: Neon
Language: Dutch
Chaired by Fred van Noord, QIS

Insights acquired during the morning session about the international developments of Cyber Workforce will be related to the Dutch progress made in the implementation of an independent and transparent certification system, based on the European standard EN-16234 for ICT competences (e-CF) for the qualification of cybersecurity professionals (QIS) as well as related education and business needs.

It will be explained how professional competences in the Netherlands are defined; how the connection is perceived between the three education levels: secondary vocational (mbo-4), universities for applied sciences (HBO) and universities; how lifelong learning and its relevance is perceived by professionals in practice. What can be learned from international developments as discussed in the morning session?



Interactive reflection

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