Ethics, Big Data and little security?

connects cybersecurity knowledge 

NCSRA-III objectives: 1 , 3 
Time: 11:15 – 12:30 
Room: Flash
Language: English
Chaired by Prof. dr. ir. Aiko Pras


  • Secure big data processing
    Prof.dr. Cees de Laat, UVA 
    Data and cyber infrastructure protection is a hot topic in a world where every day ever more advanced attacks are executed on critical resources. In this talk we will present results from a NWO project Secure autonomous response networks and present the ideas for a secure digital data market that is part of the new Data Logistics for Logistic Data (DL4LD) NWO project. The latter project addresses the problems that competing organisation encounter when they have to share data for a common goals, but do not want the data to be used for other purposes by the partners. New technologies as virtualisation, software defined networking, encryption and blockchain may help to enforce the agreed use of data.


  • Security and privacy in software: tackling ignorance and neglect
    Rob van der Veer, SIG
    "When doing software assessments for my clients, I see the same security and privacy mistakes over and over again - especially for Big Data. Are evil forces behind this? Are software makers crazy? Don’t engineers take pride in their work? I’d like to take you through the experiences of SIG and through our research to explore what is going on and to hopefully show you that even though the situation is currently dim, the future is looking bright - provided that we take a few steps."
  • Ethics in Computing
    Dr. Jeroen van der Ham, NCSC
    Computers have permeated into our daily lives. That line is the beginning of many of our articles and presentations, but we don't always realise what that means. Design of soft- and hardware can influence the behaviour of people. This realisation comes with responsibility for creators but also for researchers. In the recent past we've seen research that has sparked public debate about how that research was performed. In this presentation I'll review some of these cases and look at how we can take our responsibility as researchers to perform our research ethically. 


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