connects cybersecurity knowledge

NCSRA-III objective: 3 
Time: 13:30 – 14:45
Room: Solar
Language: English
Chaired by Ronald Verbeek, Director CIO Platform Nederland


  • The PISA project: Creating Security-Literate End-Users
    Prof.dr. Roel Wieringa, Roeland Kegel, MSc., UT
    Although great strides are made in the world of security on a corporate level, digital security for the end-user remains a challenge. The Personal Information Security Assistant project aims to provide aid to an end-user when protecting his/her information, privacy and devices. In this presentation we discuss the challenges we face when  we design such a software application as well as a proposed structure for this application. We also discuss some of our current research for the PISA project.
  • COCOON: Emotion Psychology Meets Cyber-Security
    Dr. Antal Haans, TU/e. 
    The interdisciplinary Cocoon project bridges cyber-security with emotion psychology. Cocoon aims to put mainstream smart home IoT technologies to the test with the aim to develop a classification possible attack scenarios and Cocoon explores how users respond emotionally to such attacks, including their appraisals of resulting irregularities in the behavior of IoTs, how these frustrate personal motives, and how people respond emotionally and behaviourally. These insights will be combined in developing requirements for user-centered Intrusion Detections Systems in which system (e.g.,. through predictive network streaming) and user (e.g., as a human sensor) collaborate.
  • How gametechnology and AI can help make organisations cyberaware (confidential)
    Loren Roosendaal, CEO IC3Media, Director Nyenrode University 
    Dealing with the human factor, Digital Training - CyberCheck, Fundamentals of learning and Knowingo


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