Internet of insecure Things

connects cybersecurity knowledge

NCSRA-III objective: 1 
Time: 13:30 – 14:45
Room: Spark
Language: English
Chaired by Prof. dr. Sandro Etalle


  • Addressing the threats of IoT
    Hans de Jong, NXP
    IoT is portrayed as a big promise: an enormous growth market, making life easier and reducing costs. However, IoT will only live up to that promise if security and privacy are taken very seriously. This does however not mean that every IoT device has to be a fortress. In this presentation we will look at the various classes of attacks and how to deal with them. Which classes to absolutely defend against and which classes a trade-off can be made? Is security certification of devices the solution? Finally a few principles for IoT security are formulated.
  • IoT: where innovation meets legacy challenges​​​ awaits approval
    Oscar Koeroo, KPN CISO
    The internet of things creates new possibilities in our modern day lives. The embedment of new technology in existing and new things re-introduces challenges of the past. Can we solve the new problems with the old paradigms or do we need to create new ones from the ground up? KPN will share their insights on security in the new and emerging IoT developments, and share which possibilities exist today and which challenges must still be overcome tomorrow.
  • IDentification of the IoT cancelled due to force majeure 
    Dr. Boris Skoric, TU/e
    Focuses on mass-scale identification and authentication of objects and devices based on a.o. optical PUFs. The goal is to develop scalable protocols that are able do deal with measurement noise, e.g. searching in noisy databases and compact helper data systems, while preserving privacy, e.g. by testing group membership. The project started in Februari 2017; this talk is a sort of progress report.


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