Cybercrime & The human factor

connects cybersecurity knowledge

NCSRA-III objectives: 2 , 3
Time: 11:15 – 12:30
Room: Fluor
Language: English
Chaired by Catrien Bijleveld, director NSCR


  • Examining the motivations, targets, and capacities of DDOS stresser service clients  confidential (ongoing research)
    Prof. Thomas Holt, School of Criminal Justice, Michigan State University, fellow NSCR, Director, International Interdisciplinary Research Consortium on Cybercrime.
    This presentation examines the attitudes and views of the customers of booter/stresser services.
  • Theories of the past, offenders of the present: An empirical comparison of cyber-offenders and traditional offenders confidential (ongoing research)
    Marleen Weulen-Kranenbarg, MSc, Lecturer Cybercrime VU University Amsterdam
  • Reporting crime after cybercrime victimization confidential (ongoing research)
    Dr. Steve van de Weijer, postdoc researcher NSCR
  • Discussion (15 mins)
    Questions from the audience about the presentations


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