The Emergence of a New Social Engineer


Cyber criminals remain a very real and active threat to organisations and are continually evolving their methods to stay ahead of those looking to protect against cyber attack. One of the most effective tools in a cyber criminal’s toolbox is social engineering, where attackers use psychology and predictable human behaviour to manipulate individuals, either to carry out actions or to divulge information that can be leveraged in a successful cyber attack.

As long as there have been humans, there have been people ready to exploit predictable human responses for personal gain, but as our lives become increasingly digital and evermore connected, this has given birth to a new breed of cyber-criminal, The New Social Engineer.

Join us on 11th October and learn how The New Social Engineer’s psychological activities increase the likelihood of an attack on your business being successful, understand how to identify common characteristics of attack and how to prevent your business from falling foul of The New Social Engineer.

Date and Time 
Thu 11 October 2018
13.00 - 17:15 CEST

De Balie
Kleine-Gartmanplatsoen 10
1017 RR Amsterdam

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