NWO Cybersecurity call updates

April 7, 2020

Two cybersecurity call for proposals will be postponed. NWO has developed guidelines for running, new and complex calls for proposals due to the intelligent lockdown till 28th of April 2020 because of Corona

This means that the opening of the planned Encryption call, an initiative of the Ministry of Justice and Security, will be postponed till after July 1st 2020. A concrete new date for opening and deadline of submission is not yet known.

The interdepartmental NWO – NWA cybersecurity call, Governance and Encryption, is a so called complex call. The adapted guidelines for NWO’s primary processes state that complex calls are currently on hold. This means that NWO will determine if the deadline currently set on 16th June 2020 is still feasible or needs to be postponed to give all applicants equal opportunities.