NWO Open Competitie ENW - XS

June 18, 2019

The Open Competition Domain Science - XS offers researchers an opportunity to conduct innovative and high-risk research projects. Research proposals are expected to be groundbreaking and all results, positive or negative, must contribute to the advancement of science. NWO has announced through various channels that it is seeking innovative research assessment methods. XS is emphatically a pilot project and does not fall under a regular NWO procedure.

The NWO Domain Science has established a new category in the Open Competition with the aim of encouraging curiosity and new ideas in research as part of promising, high-risk projects: XS proposals. These are proposals for ground-breaking research with a real risk of failure. The XS category emphatically strives to encourage curiosity-driven and bold research involving a relatively quick analysis of a promising idea. 

More information

Research proposals aimed at confronting social challenges will not be considered for XS grants in the Open Competition of the NWO Domain Science; these proposals can be submitted to the NWA Idea Generator Call.