NWO opened two NWA calls

July 29, 2020

NWO opened two NWA calls which might be interesting for cyber security researchers. To determine the connection between your cyber security research idea and a particular NWA route, please check the overview of all routes at webpage https://wetenschapsagenda.nl/overzicht-routes/ (Dutch only)

1.       Procedure for Small Projects in context of NWA routes 
NWO has opened a call for a single proposal containing three small projects (50 kEuro each) within the context of each NWA route.
The  call can be found at:

The deadline for submitting proposals is 29 October 2020. 

2.      Research along routes by Consortia 2020/21 (NWA-ORC 2020/21)
The call can be found at:

Proposals should fall within one or more NWA routes and address one or more of the 140 cluster questions. Submitting to NWO an Initiative is required to be eligible for submitting an NWA pre-proposal before 1 October 2020.

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