NXTTCH (pronounced as Next Tech) on June the 28th 2016

April 25, 2016

NXTTCH (pronounced as Next Tech) on June the 28th 2016 in the Netherlands in Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ in the beautiful hart of Amsterdam! BE WHERE INNOVATION HAPPENSNXTTCH is the first premium event in Europe that connects the corporate world to all kinds of disruptive technologies and especially start-ups. This conference will explore different global views on a number of key developments in the IT market. We are witnessing an increased focus on innovation in many organizations. The current global economy calls for a very dynamic and open innovation strategy. The way we do business will not be the same. Continuous innovation is vital for the enterprise to be successful in the long-term. Many companies are reaching out to startups that challenge the current business models. NXTTCH vistors like you are innovators that want to take this to the next level. Over the next years we will see a struggle to find the right business cases, to find ways to successfully transform your organization and yourself into a new era where co-creation and permanent beta will be central. We are entering a next phase of the Internet where it is about BITS in ATOMS. Our physical world will be digitized rapidly. VR, Robitics, IoT, Singularity, 3D Printing and more will reshape our world, organizations and our economy. Where the last 20 years digitisation was key for media and information, this time our other side of our economy will be digitized with high velocity: everything.

  • Is our society ready for this?
  • Is your organization ready?
  • Are you ready?

Register now and join thought leaders for a discussion about Digital DisruptionNXTTCH will challenge you with experiences, with in-depth debates and with a focus on getting down to the business case of things! Leading CIO's, analysts, thought leaders will contribute to the program. NXTTCH has some of the most inspiring speakers who will show great business cases and share ideas around Disruptive Tech.  In parallel to NXTTCH we are organizing an international VIP Conference for CIOs, IT Executives and Digital Leaders: CIO CITY, the VIP congress for more than 250 international CIOs and IT Executives.
So register now for the opportunity to hear and meet forward-thinking thought leaders and influencers, take part in the workshops, and take advantage of the unique opportunity to meet over 250 CIO’s, IT Executives, Digital Leaders and over 300 innovation managers, senior IT professionals and start-ups!
You do not want to miss out on this day.

If you have any questions, please let us know by sending an emailing to info@nxttch.com.