Objective 1 Better Design

connects cybersecurity knowledge

The objective Better Design is going to play a vital role in the next edition of the National Cyber Security Research Agenda. 


Better Design

Many security problems can be prevented by designing systems and services to be more secure, before they are deployed in the real world. A lot of fundamental work is needed to develop more secure designs. This can span innovations to make hardware more attack resistant, such as trusted platform modules; innovations in tool chains to better support secure design, such as new compiler techniques or testing methods; innovations in organizational practices that improve secure software development; and innovations in improving usability to avoid users working around security features; and secure design approaches for new environments, such as for low-powered devices in the Internet of Things.

This objective covers all aspects of designing secure systems and services before deployment.

During the event you have the opportunity to contribute to this objective with ideas, comments and opinions.

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